Big Ears
Name Big Ears
Nicknames Ears, Flesh Ripper
I.M.E.  Yellow , low ring-wall
Current Level 4th
Character Class Paladin
Race Goblin
Group GAP
Marital Status
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First Mention
First Appearance The Goblins' Introduction p.4


Big Ears is aptly named, having the largest ears of any goblin in the group. He is one of the random members of the group that survives the goblin camp massacre. Having witnessed the death of his friend One Eye, he decides to become a paladin after declaring "I want the power to stop innocents from dying. To protect others instead of just standing around helplessly."

During his fight with Saral Caine, Big Ears acquires one of the best weapons seen so far in the comic; the Axe of Prissan. He meets up with the other goblins, after they've reached level three, and seeing his dramatically changed appearance (complete armor with the axe and glowing eyes), Chief remarks to Complains that "Paladins get the best stuff at level three." To which Complains replies, "No kidding."

Big Ears is a good-hearted goblin, courageous and caring, the paladin is the ideal class for him.

At first, Ears is depicted with a pair of white pants, and a small wooden hand axe with a metal bit. After acquiring the Axe of Prissan, he has remained in the armor ever since. In a recent fight with Kore, Ears lost the upper half of the metal armor, but he still has the lower parts. It is possible that the armor might be repaired, however, given its magical nature.

That possibility is confirmed on the bridge into the dungeon crawl when he repairs the armor while doing a back flip away from Forgath.

It is also possible that Big Ears is gay, as he is shown to physically lust after a strong looking male goblin when facing the pillar that shows the viewers lust. The other Goblins do not seem to care in the slightest although Big Ears appears to be embarrassed in the moment.


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