Name Biscuit
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Race Orc
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Clan Roak (extinct)
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Biscuit is an orc from the Clan of Roak (which was destroyed 200 years ago). He has been claimed by a demon (possibly two) and recently escaped their clutches. His people "accept loss without pause or regret" and his six hundred winters of horrible pain at the hands of the demons don't seem to have affected him much, nor does the fact that his clan is gone. He was freed by the efforts of Dies Horribly and Saves a Fox. His lips and hair are transparent due to being marked as property of a demon, so his teeth and gums are always visible even when his mouth is closed.

For an orc, Biscuit is uncharacteristically intelligent, as noted by a goblin of the Viper Clan after seeing Biscuit successfully intimidate Duv [1], which is said not to be an easy feat. Biscuit also seems to be peaceable and friendly, thanking Saves a Fox and Dies Horribly for freeing him[2], helping them find the Orb of Bloodlight[3], expressing happiness at escaping the dungeon crawl[4], and becoming unfriendly or violent only when mistreated or attacked[5].

Due to his age, Biscuit has a very high Wisdom score, since creatures in the Goblins realm getting a stackable bonus to Wisdom the longer they live. As Sense Motive is a Wisdom-based skill, Biscuit is easily able to tell when he's being lied to.

Biscuit's name comes from the food, since his clan was trading with some humans for food and supplies when he was born, and he apparently loved biscuits.

Klik's species was apparently well known to the Clan of Roak, as Biscuit recognizes Klik, and calls his species "noisy, round spirits" and "horrible lifeforms that come from another world". They apparently are abundant in Cloudypine Mountain, which is presumably where the Clan of Roak used to live.