Drasst Don'tsue
Name Drasst Dont'sue
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Current Level 1
Character Class Unknown
Race Drow
Death Forgath's Fortune p.95
Relatives Drizzt Do'Urden, half-brother p.12
Marital Status
First Mention
First Appearance The Adventurers Introduction p.12


Drasst Dont'sue is a rare drow who forsook his home, the Underdark and the evil ways of his people, just like the two other drow in his party, Seth Bainwraith and Drowbabe. Drasst claims to be the half-brother of Drizzt Do'Urden, and a protector of those who misunderstand him. Unfortunately, he does not get to see much of the top world as he is killed in his party's attack on the goblin's war camp. Drasst is completely missed by the spiked skulls which threatened to kill Seth, due to his incredibly short stature. He almost killed Dies Horribly until Klik stepped in. Drasst was killed by a transformed Klik, who had taken the form of a sword in Dies' hand.


The player behind Drasst Dont'sue apparently rerolled to create a new character. This new character is Tuck. Apparently, the player behind these characters likes to play short characters, since both characters he has played in the comic are short.p.198 Drasst was extremely short for a drow, and Tuck is either a halfling or an extremely short elf.

His new character does not last long since he is drained of every drop of blood by Dies Horribly's former arm.