Name Tryst Drow'den
Nicknames Drowbabe
I.M.E.  light blue / dark blue  [1]
Current Level 1
Character Class Sorceress
Race Drow
Death Bleeding To Death p.83
Relatives Drizzt Do'Urden, half-brother
Marital Status
First Mention
First Appearance The Adventurers Introduction p.12


Drowbabe is a rare drow who forsook her home, the Underdark and the evil ways of her people, just like the two other drow in her party, Seth Bainwraith and Drasst Don'tsue. Drasst claimed to be the half-brother of Drizzt Do'Urden, and a protector of those who misunderstand him, and Drowbabe described her background by simply saying "Me too." after Drasst's self-introduction (this can be taken literally as her indicating that she was also a half-brother, as Minmax aptly observes that she behaves nothing like an actual woman). Unfortunately, she does not get to any more of the top world than her two relatives, as she is killed in her party's attack on the goblin's war camp. Drowbabe killed One Eye, Big Ears' best friend, with a Magic Missile. Ears proceeded to attack her, managing to damage her leg. She was able to get away when Drasst attacked Ears, so she went into the elders' hut and attempted to rescue Seth. She cast a Sleep spell on the elders, including Thaco, and was about to stabilize Seth when Big Ears entered and landed a Critical Hit. She died when she realized that she had been calculating her damage incorrectly for the entire fight.


The player behind Drowbabe apparently rerolled to create a new character. This new character is Yodette. Apparently, the player behind these characters likes to play female characters endowed with ridiculously large breasts and very little clothing. In fact, Minmax notes that she acts like she is "created and controlled by some lonely, horny teenaged guy who's never kissed a girl and has no idea how females react realistically in any given situation."p.33. She responds by offering to show him her breasts.p.34

Drowbabe's NameEdit

Drowbabe's name is actually never mentioned in the online version of the comic. In fact, the nickname "Drowbabe" was coined by readers of the comic -- Thunt did have a name for her but the nickname "Drowbabe" stuck with readers before he could introduce it.

A quote from Tarol Hunt in Goblins Book One:

The character known to many readers as simply “Drow Babe” was written with a name. Around the time of introduction, I was to add her name into the story by having one of the other characters mention it casually, however, I forgot. And before I knew it, enough time had passed in the storyline that if I had introduced her name, it would have changed the whole pace of the story as readers would be raising an eyebrow and saying “Oh, THAT’s her name?”. It would have been sort of ‘out of rhythm’. So anyways, her name was Tryst Drow’den. Now you know.