Egg Trap
Name Egg Trap aka Giant Egg
Weapon Type Trap
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Material Unknown
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Danger Traps and kills adventurers
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First Appearance The Giant Egg


The Egg Trap is found in the Well of Darkness. It is a very large white egg wrapped with a large red ribbon and a bow tied on top. It appears to be the only object inside the room and targets curious adventurers. Any creature or object touching the shell is immediately pulled into the egg. Touching the ribbon does nothing. Creatures or items trapped inside the egg eventually die. The only known way to free the captives is to untie the bow at the top of the egg. This causes the egg to break, dumping its captives, their inventory and green liquid on the floor.

During their quest to retrieve the Blue Orb of Bloodlight , Dies Horribly, Klik and K'seliss were pulled into the egg. After being freed, K’seliss said they tried banging on the inside walls and yelling. This implies that they were able to breath at least for a short time and the inside wall of the shell cannot be easily broken. It also means the shell is sound proof.

Searching through the contents of the egg, Grem found the Key of Darkness. He assumed it was brought into the dungeon by the previous adventures that died in the egg. This is why his mother could not find it earlier. [1]

Prophecy NoteEdit

It was predicted by Riss that K’seliss and Dies Horribly would die in the Well of Darkness.[2] There is a distinct possibility Riss saw Dies Horribly and K’seliss fall victim to the egg trap. This prophecy did not come true because Grem joined the DAP and freed the egg trap's captives.


Egg room door warning about the trap.