Goblins Fans CommunityEdit

The Goblins Comic has a community of fans from all parts of the globe. Fans generally gather together online via the official Goblins Comic channel. Fans may watch Thunt as he broadcasts a video chat a couple of times each week, and chat with one another via the stream's built in chat interface. The chat is also available via various IRC chat clients.


The fan base is known by many nicknames:

Thuntonians is the most common term used in the community.

Thuntites is a term (coined by Wannabe_Elf) to describe the human fans of the Goblins Community.

Goblins Ustream Channel (#drawing-goblins)Edit

The official Goblins Comic Ustream channel serves as a gathering place for Goblins Fans. Even when Thunt is not actively broadcasting, the fan base is very active in chat with a select group of users serving as Moderators for the channel. These moderators include the following users and include Thunt when he is broadcasting:

  • See_A_Moose
  • KidOfBurden
  • KittiHello
  • Trathnona

Goblins Ustream Channel Regular ChattersEdit

  • DPnLM (aka DesertPrince N LadyMouse)
  • Garros37
  • _Imp
  • Kyprioth
  • MorseApple
  • MtHermit
  • Apo_d
  • VanKhron
  • Wannabe_Elf
  • Zathyr
  • Zathyra
  • Pteryxx