Name Grem
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Titles Duke of Stickington
I.M.E. White
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Race Goblin
Group None
Clan Viper Clan
Death Not Yet
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Relatives Duv (Mother)
Children None
Marital Status Single
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First Appearance River Bank


Grem is the son of Duv who leads the Viper Clan and next in line to take leadership of the Viper Clan . He is a formidable warrior and skilled Worg rider. He also expressed an interest in Saves a Fox, which he tried unsuccessfully to hide. When the Duv announced that Saves a Fox, Dies Horribly and K'seliss were to go into the Well of Darkness to retrieve the Blue Orb of Bloodlight, he objected. Against his mother’s command, he snuck into the dungeon crawl shortly after Saves a Fox, Dies Horribly and K’seliss arrived in the first room. This group was joined by Klik shortly afterwards.


So far, all we have seen Grem use for weapons and clothing is a short sword and pair of pants, respectively. Presumably he avoids getting hit in combat as a means of defense given his lack of armor. After finding some equipment on some dead adventurers, this may change. He briefly used the sword-like key to the Well of Darkness as a second blade, but it was knocked off the side of the path Grem was in by Dies Horribly's green artificial hand.