Name K'seliss
I.M.E.  yellow  (sound effects, head fins, eyes) [1]
Current Level
Character Class
Race Lizardfolk
Group Dies Adventuring Party
Death Killed by rot brought upon by touching Mr. Fingers
Marital Status
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First Mention Slave Labour p.216
First Appearance K'seliss (update) p.228



K'seliss with his head fins displayed representing "Battle Lust".

K'seliss is a lizardfolk slave of the Viper Clan. He was assigned to the goblin tent because Saves a Fox is the only one who can keep him in line. When Dies Horribly was brought to the goblin tent, he was partnered to K'seliss and chained to him.

K'seliss is notably larger than average lizardfolk, and rumors abound in the Viper Clan slave camp as to the reasons why. Some theories include traces of ogre lineage and mutation at the hands of a mad wizard. If either hypothesis is true, K'seliss isn't saying.

K'seliss, along with Dies and Fox, has been sent into the Well of Darkness after the Orb of Bloodlight by Duv and Riss. Their expedition party quickly gained a new member when Grem snuck into the Well to join them, against his mother's wishes. While working their way through the dungeon, K'seliss ripped off a finger of Mr. Fingers. Because he made physical contact with Mr. Finger's, K'seliss started to rot. As the rest of DAP was escaping into a tunnel, K'seliss was captured and dragged into Mr. Finger's lair. Grem followed the two into the lair. While Grem battled the horror, K'seliss jumped onto its back and started biting chucks of "flesh" out. Mr. Fingers soon fell dead(?) into the water. Grem walked up to K'seliss whose flesh completely melted from the rot.


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