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Key of Darkness
Name +3 blade
Weapon Type Key with sharp blade
Enhancement Bonus +3 Damage
Special Abilities Opens Well of Darkness
Material Unknown
I.M.E. Faint glow
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Danger Deadly to Dies Horribly replacement arm
Wielded by Grem
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First Mention The White Terror
First Appearance The Giant Egg

The Key of Darkness is magical item that is used to access the Well of Darkness. It was found by Grem after rescuing Dies Horribly, K'seliss and Klik from an egg trap. Apparently the key the Viper Clan was looking for was already inside the Well of Darkness. It was transported there by a now deceased adventuring party. The blade is thought to be a +3 weapon with a magical light that runs from the hilt to the end of the blade.[1] The light is harmless but is deadly to the magical arm of Dies Horribly[2]. The key was thrown off a bridge by Dies’ arm shortly after the party fell asleep.[3]