Mr. Fingers
Name Mr. Fingers
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I.M.E.  Tan  (sound effects)
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Race Lesser Finger Horror
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Death Killed by K'seliss
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First Appearance Coming from the Floor


To rid his son from a haunting nightmare, a farmer made a deal with a demon. The deal would be to rid the farmer’s son of the nightmares he was having. As agreed, the demon “freed” the young boy from the nightmare only to manifest the horror into the real world. Mr. Fingers is one of the creatures manifested from the boy’s nightmares.


Dies Horribly accidently attracted the attention of Mr. Fingers while making his way through the Well of Darkness. This was done when Dies used his synthetic arm to clamp onto the ledge. When the arm clamped onto the corner, it broke into the protective barrier that held Mr. Fingers at bay. Mr. Fingers started pounding the barrier causing it to crack further. As DAP worked its way through the room, they found a locked door and had to search for a key. By this time, K'seliss pulled off one of Mr. Fingers' fingers. Immediately, his hands started to burn and his arms started to rot. After grabbing the key, Grem triggered a trap that caused heavy stones to break through the barrier. Mr. Fingers escaped, came after the party and ate the dissolved arm of K'seliss before the party made it into the next room. K'seliss was captured by Mr. Fingers who dragged him back to his lair.


Mr. Fingers threw K'seliss onto the shore and waited for him to rot away. Grem, who followed them, attacked Mr. Fingers. While he was distracted fighting Grem, K'seliss jumped on Mr. Fingers back and started biting out chunks of flesh. After several bites, Mr. Fingers fell into the murky water not to be seen again. K'seliss made it back to shore but soon dissolved into goo.


  • Touching Mr. Fingers causes organic matter to dissolve.
  • Mr. Finger's flooded lair contained broken wheels, parts of armor, shields, dissolved bodies and at least one tent.
  • Ellipsis Hunt wrote on her Twitter account that Mr. Fingers was a "re-occurring monster from my childhood nightmares".
  • A character sheet was created for Mr. Fingers by Ellipsis Hunt and published on It has since been removed. However, the image remains on the server here.
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