Shield of Wonder
Name Shield of Wonder
Weapon Type
Enhancement Bonus
Special Abilities Random magical event when hit with melee weapon
Material wood and metal, set with jewels
Source Poorly locked chest
Danger Random magical event
Wielded by Complains
Status Destroyed p.
First Mention The Goblins Discuss the Poorly Locked Chest p.8
First Appearance The Rules Just Changed p.109

The Shield of Wonder is a magical item in the Goblins webcomic. When struck with a melee weapon, the shield reacts with a random magical event, such as turning a sword into metal tentacles or eating its owner. A partially completed list of the shield's effects is currently being updated here. The shield is made out of wood, with a metal boss and border, both set with jewels.

There are two Shield of Wonder known so far. One belonged to Complains of Names, who took it from the poorly-locked chest in the goblin warcamp. Another belonged to a Minmax from another reality  but it has not been shown in action yet.


The shield was brought to the goblin's warcamp by an elf, who died from one of the random magical events while fighting the goblins. The shield was then put into the poorly-locked chest along with a +1 short sword, and was not removed until Complains hid inside and used the weapons to fight Minmax.

When Minmax struck the shield with his sword, it triggered a magical event. Minmax's sword transformed into an entangling, vine-like object. Forgath described the magical event as an entangling spell.

Complains decided to keep the shield with him, until it was used extensively in the Battle of Wonder, where it created crushingly heavy armor and transformed elite soldiers before making vicious blue walls that eventually destroyed it.

Notable AppearancesEdit

up.30 The Rules Just Changed p.109 -- First appearance.

up.35 Chief's Secret p.129 -- Special Ability described.

up.135 Two Leaps p.387 -- Battle of Wonder begins.

up.139 Not A Goblin p.399 -- Destroyed.