"The Famous"
Name Thakn
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I.M.E. Red trim
Current Level 1
Character Class Assumed rogue as of
Race Kobold
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Takn is one of the very few named Kobolds in the series. He is the most famous Kobold in the land, and supposed future chief of the Ketaa clan.[1] His primary personality traits would seem to be very angry, arrogant, self centered and, cruel. His most commonly noted moment was when out of bordem he begun to pelt stones at a mentally destroyed Fubbles. Finally another note worthy thing about Takn is the colors of his scales. In the comic he is the only black kobold and the only one to have a horn along with this he has red scales going along his back that match the color of his scars and, teeth ( however it could be likely the the red on Takn's back could be tatoos.)

Timeline Edit

There is some confusion regarding Takn and the Axe of Prissan. His imprisonment in Brassmoon occurred a little prior to Soot's claiming of the Axe. The further history of the Axe puts this event well before Dellyn Goblinslayer's rise to prominence in Brassmoon, and Saral Caine's claiming of the Axe. Completing the contradiction is Thaco's assertion that the Brassmoon Elite Guard and subsequent imprisonment of monsters is a recent event, occurring "about a year ago".[2]