Name Thaco
Current Level 4th
Character Class Monk
Race Goblin
Group GAP
Children Complains of Names
Marital Status
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First Mention
First Appearance Thaco's Introduction, p.51


Thaco is the oldest Goblin to have become a member of the Goblin Adventuring Party which is not to say the first. His age is reflected in his name which is a reference to THAC0 (To Hit Armour Class Zero), a statistic in AD&D2. At first Chief was reluctant to allow Thaco to fight due to his old age and being out of shape, but soon circumstances took control. As the goblins' war camp came under a devastating attack by a party of adventurers including Minmax and Forgath, Thaco was forced to fight when a Drow adventurer happened upon the hut in which he and the other elderly goblins had been left to shelter.

Thacos Outfit

Thaco makes some alterations to his new outfit.

Afterwards, when Fumbles hatched his plan for the goblins to become Player Characters, Thaco sought a class that would allow him to escape bonds; Fumbles provided the solution with the Monk class. This class also makes use of the wisdom bonus afforded to Thaco by his age.

Along the way to Brassmoon City the GAP were forced into a side-adventure, one of the benefits of which was Thaco's acquisition of a new outfit to replace his loincloth. He was not initially pleased with the outfit, found in the backpack of a deceased halfling, due to its rather fruity appearance; in his displeasure he tore the offending parts asunder and realized that this made the remaining outfit more acceptable.

Earlier LifeEdit

Thacos Ear

Thaco's ear mounted on The Goblin Slayer's wall

Thaco's choice of class was motivated by events that took place before the span of the Goblins comic, although these events have been greatly illuminated over the course of several flashback sequences. During these flashbacks we learn that Thaco was captured in his youth by The Goblin Slayer. Although he eventually escaped captivity and torture, Goblin Slayer retained Thaco's ear as a trophy and kept it on the wall of his chambers.

Due to his escape from Goblin Slayer, Thaco has become somewhat of a legend in Brassmoon City. Every soldier in the city would like to be the one to kill him, if only for the recognition and reputation they would receive for it. The Goblin Slayer finds it extremely important to kill Thaco, the only major blemish on his record, in order to redeem himself and his reputation.

It has also emerged, although it is not common knowledge in the GAP, that Thaco was prophesied to be leader of the clan. It was foreseen that this would cause great strife, however, and so Chief was assigned that position.


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