Viper Clan
Leader Duv
Race Goblins
Deities Maglubiyet
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The Viper Clan is a clan of Goblins with bright, white skin and special tattoo markings. They are led by their chieftess, Duv, The White Terror, a rare goblin that was born with large, white wings growing out of her back. Grem is the chieftess' son and a great warrior. The clan fortune teller is named Riss. The Vipers are currently trying to excavate the dungeon that contains the Orb of Bloodlight, and extract the artifact in order to restore the wing Duv lost in a fire.

It can be inferred that the Vipers are the most, or among the most powerful goblin clans in the comic, as they are able to raid and capture members of other races, and are able to hold their own against hobgoblins, a much larger race. Their power is reinforced by clever traps, riding on wolves or worgs, and use of magic (or at least, magic potions, as we see healing potions being distributed at the end of a fight against some hobgoblins.) The vipers also seem to have more advanced weaponry than the tribe of the GAP.