White Terror
Titles The White Terror
Current Level
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Race Goblin
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Clan Viper Clan
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First Mention Yumyuck Moss p.140
First Appearance The White Terror (update) p.211


The White Terror is a legendary goblin with large white-feathered wings, capable of flight. The legends hold that Maglubiyet, the 'God of All Goblins,' causes a member of the Viper Clan to be born with wings capable of flight once every five hundred years. This goblin is said to be gifted with more than wings. The additional gifts are greater intelligence, strength, and speed, as well as a natural lifespan five times longer than a common goblin. The Viper Clan's traditions require the goblin child born with wings to be made leader of the clan as soon as it is old enough.

The goblin that currently fits this description and claims the title of The White Terror is Duv, the chieftess of the Viper Clan. She was born as a gifted and unique creature and believes the legends, claiming that she was imbued with her wings and special abilities by Maglubiyet. When Duv was still just a child, humans attempted to burn her alive, leaving her disfigured. Her left side bears the scars left by that fire, and her left wing is gone.


Book TwoEdit

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Book ThreeEdit

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