Young and Beautiful
Name Young and Beautiful
Titles The Fortune Teller
I.M.E. Lime Green
Current Level
Character Class Cleric
Race Goblin
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Death Forgath vs The Fortune Teller p.102
Marital Status
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First Mention
First Appearance The Goblins' Introduction p.5


Young and Beautiful was the Fortune Teller in the goblin war camp of the Goblin Adventuring Party's clan. Like many goblin clan fortune tellers, she named many of the clan's newborns based on her visions of their future. She also had the advantage of naming herself; "Young and Beautiful" is very much a misnomer, as she is actually very old and quite unsightly.

Young and Beautiful died at the hands of Forgath during the Human Adventuring Party's attack on the war camp. She was partially reanimated/resurrected by Kore to give the secret location of the clan's village, where the women and children live.


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Book TwoEdit

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